Municipal committee

Get ready to make a meaningful impact in our community! We invite the residents to actively participate in our municipal committees. Your involvement is crucial as it allows you to value your unique skills, perspectives, and ideas towards shaping the future of our community. Join us and discover the rewarding opportunities our committees offer. Together, let's build a stronger, more vibrant community that reflects the voices and aspirations of its residents. 

Community Event Facilitation and Volunteer Mobilization Committee

Join the Community Events Facilitation and Volunteer Mobilization Committee! Create a vibrant community where events thrive, and volunteers are valued. Together, let's plan inclusive events, promote volunteering, and strengthen our social fabric. Join us for a positive impact now!

For more information, we invite you to view the mandate of this committee which includes its goals, objectives, and activities. Click here


To Apply!

To apply, please follow one of the two actions below:

1. Fill out this form:

2. Apply in person at 751 St Jean St, Casselman. Forms will be available at the reception.


For any questions:
Please email: [email protected]