The Municipality of Casselman Official Plan

The official plan describes the municipality's general land use planning policies. The objective of the plan is to ensure that growth is coordinated to meet the actual and future needs of our community.

The Municipality of Casselman Zoning Bylaw

The zoning bylaw is the tool used to implement the provisions of the official plan. The bylaw controls land development by defining:
  • Land use
  • Location of buildings and other structures
  • Types of permitted buildings and their purpose
  • Lot sizes, parking requirements, height of buildings and setbacks from the street
For more information, consult the official documents:

Amendment to the Official Plan or Zoning Bylaw

If you want to use your property in a way that does not comply with the zoning bylaw, you may file an Application for a zoning amendment or application for a local official plan amendment (PDF).

Minor Variance and Permission

If you want to make changes to your property and your proposed project complies with the essence of the zoning bylaw without being fully compliant, you may file an Application for minor variance or for permission (PDF).


For any questions related to Land Use Planning, please contact the Planning department at