Billing of Water and Sewer Services

In Ontario, municipal water and sewer services must be self-financing. Water and Sewer Tax Revenues must recover the costs of water treatment, distribution to homes and businesses, and wastewater treatment.

Invoice Payment Options

You have several options to choose from to pay your water and sewer bill. For more information, please visit Payment Options.

Understanding Your Water and Sewer Bill

Your water and sewer invoice includes the following items:

  • Water treatment and distribution fee
  • Water usage
  • Wastewater management (sewer construction and maintenance)
  • Wastewater charge based on volume
If your property is not connected to the sewer system, you are not billed for this service.

Billing Periods and Rates

Billing Periods


Billing Date

Due Date

January 1st to March 31st

First week of April

Last week of April

April 1st to June 30th

First week of July

Last week of July

July 1st to September 30th

First week of October

Last week of October

October 1st to December 31st

First week of January

Last week of January

Applicable Rates as of January 1st 2024


Meter Size

Monthly Rate

For 3 months

Water Charges (treatment and distribution)

 15-20 mm



 25-40 mm $43.79 $131.37
 50-100 mm $105.39 $316.14

Water Usage (minimum 10m3 per month)




Wastewater Charges (network maintenance)

 15-20 mm



 25-40 mm $50.64
50-100 mm $123.17 $369.51

Wastewater Usage (minimum 10m3 per month)







Additional Fees


Water - for each additional cubin metre


Wastewater - for each additional cubic metre


Water Meters

The Municipality of Casselman uses water meters to track usage and invoice residents based on their consumption. The wastewater volume is based on the drinking water consumption. The unit of measurement is the cubic meter, which equals 1,000 liters.

Reading of Water Meters

We read meters four times a year: in March, June, September and December. The difference between two readings gives the water usage.

If the attendant can’t read your meter due to inaccessibility or equipment failure, he will leave a door hanger asking you to book an appointment for a reading.

How to Read My Water Meter?

Read the six numbers on your meter from left to right, like a car odometer. Water meters are usually located in the basement of a house. Call us if you are unable to locate your meter; we may have the information on file.

Accuracy of Water Meters

While the cost of Water Meters is the responsibility of the water customer, the water meters remain the property of the Municipality of Casselman and will be serviced and/or replaced when necessary by the Municipality of Casselman at the Owner's expense. 

Every Owner shall provide reasonable access to the Property and Building(s) served if necessary to test the functioning of a water meter and the accuracy of its readings.

Every Owner may, upon written request to the Municipality, have a Water Meter tested for accuracy and the cost of such test shall be at the cost of the Municipality if the water meter is found to be inaccurate in excess of 5% of actual flow and such test shall be at the water customers expense if the water meter is found to be accurate to less than 5% of actual flow.

If, for any reason, any water meter shall be found to be not working properly, then the amount of the consumption rate for the water service charge shall be based on the average charge for the previous six months.

Sudden Increase in Usage and Fees

Here is list of possible explanations for a sudden increase in your water bill.

  • The installation of new appliances such as water-cooled air conditioner or dishwasher; new hot water tank, heating system, pool, lawn sprinkler system, etc.
  • Leaks or plumbing problems:
    • Your meter has a red or black trickle indicator that looks like a small propeller.
    • To check for leaks, turn off all taps and appliances that use water.
    • Then check to see if the indicator is moving, turning or shaking.
    • If there is movement, it indicates that water is flowing through the system and that there is a leak somewhere.
    • The homeowner is responsible for all interior plumbing maintenance and repairs.
  • Running toilet
    • To verify if a toilet is leaking, lift the water tank lid and pour brewed coffee, tea or food colouring into it. Do not flush. Wait 20 minutes.
    • If colour appears in the toilet bowl, the rod-and-ball assembly or flapper needs adjustment or replacement.
  • Catch-up bill
    • If a meter reading was missed, the next reading will show the usage for two billing periods. Therefore, your invoice will be higher than usual, even though there was no increase in water consumption.
  • Higher seasonal demand
    • Lawn and garden watering in the summer months


To ensure that the water and sewer usage are billed to the right customer, there must be a meter reading when a change of ownership occurs.

If you sold your property, ask your lawyer to send a legal document to the municipality of Casselman providing the closing date of sale.  You are responsible for the water usage up to the final meter reading.

Please make sure to notify us of your new mailing address, in order to mail your final water and sewer billing.

For more information on billing, please call 613-764-3139, extension 201.