Public Notice 2024
Notice of Completion
The Municipality of Casselman announces that its Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Masterplan is completed
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The Municipality of Casselman presents its Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Masterplan - Phase 2 :

Casselman Water and Wastewater Master Plan - Phase 2
Appendix A - Surface and Groundwater Supply Feasibility Study
Appendix B - Piped Water Supply Feasibility Study
Appendix C - Water Model
Appendix D - Wastewater Model
Appendix E - Assimilative Capacity Study of the South Nation River
Appendix F - Public Consultation Documents

Public Notice 2023

The Municipality of Casselman presents its Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Masterplan 2023.

Read the report here - Phase 1
Appendix A-C - Stakeholder Consultation Plan, Notice of Commencement, Stakeholder Responses and Mailing List
Appendix D - Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Pumping Stations Condition Assessment
Appendix E-I - Linear Infrastructure Condition Assessment, Growth Projections, Uncommitted Hydraulic Reserve Capacity, Water Model, Wastewater Model

Public Notice 2022

The Municipality of Casselman Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Master Plan

Casselman Drinking Water

Your drinking water comes from the South Nation River and is treated by the Ontario Clean Water Agency at the Casselman Water Treatment Plan before it is delivered to your home. Casselman’s water system serves close to 3,600 people and includes 1,000 connections spread over a 20 km pipe network.

Please do not throw away wet wipes, paper towels and facial tissues in the toilet because they can clog pipes. 

In case of an emergency, please contact the Ontario Clean Water Agency :


Alternative : 1-800-342-6442

Quick Links

Report a Water and Sewer Emergency

In case of an urgent situation such as:

  • Water main breaks
  • Water leaks
  • Sewer backups

If you notice a change in the color of your water, please contact the Ontario Clean Water Agency :


Alternative : 1-800-342-6442

For police, fire or ambulance services, dial 9-1-1.

Maintenance Problem
To report a non-urgent water problem, please use our Online Form.

Inspection Reports

Our drinking water system provides you with a plentiful and safe water supply. We test the water for quality every day, and external laboratories also test it every week. We conduct over 450 analyses per year to ensure that water meets quality standards and complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.

Municipal drinking water systems are inspected by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Follow the links to view or download our inspection reports.

Casselman’s municipal drinking water source is part of the South Nation River source protection zone and is included in the regional Source Water Protection Plan. This plan aims to protect the raw water that we take from lakes, rivers or underground aquifers to supply people with drinking water from contamination and overuse, now and into the future.

To learn more about the protection plan, please visit Protect your drinking water.

Water Use Restrictions

The Municipality of Casselman may ask you to reduce your water use in case of drought or supply disruptions. In such a case, public notices will be posted on this website.

Financial Plan

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change aims at the financial sustainability of municipal drinking water and sewer systems. The financial sustainability is essential to ensure safe drinking water; reliable water and sewer services and the protection of the environment.

Ontario municipalities must prepare a financial plan in order to obtain a licence to operate a municipal drinking water system. The plan must demonstrate that water tax revenue will cover operating expenses and allow the accumulated surplus to finance system improvements and future needs.

The Municipality of Casselman Drinking Water Quality Management System Financial Plan provides for growth and investments required from 2021 to 2030. Review or download our Drinking Water Financial Plan 2015 (PDF 7.1 MB).

Quality Management Standard Policy (QMS)

The Municipality of Casselman owns, maintains and operates its own Water Treatment and Distribution system.

The municipality of Casselman is committed to managing the treatment and supply of clean, safe drinking water to all its customers and commits to consistently meeting all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements and customer needs.

To achieve these goals, the municipality of Casselman commits to:

  • Managing water quality from the source.
  • Regular monitoring and testing of water to meet or exceed current regulatory requirements.
  • Providing consistent and relevant training to operators to meet or exceed current training requirements.
  • Investing capital and operational funds to provide upgrades and rehabilitations to treatment and distribution systems.
  • Continuing to establish and upgrade current practices and policies.
  • Participating in meetings and pilot programs to remain on the leading technical edge of drinking water supply.
  • Providing Water Treatment Plan Annual Reports, as per Ministry of the Environment requirements, to be available to all customers in hard copy and on the municipality website. These reports provide customers with an annual overview of the municipality water supply system.
The Drinking Water Quality Management System will be implemented by the municipality of Casselman to effectively minimize and manage any potential risks to drinking water quality and safety.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Plant

The municipality of Casselman draws water from the South Nation River and processes it in a treatment plant to make it safe to drink. In its natural environment, the water from the river contains impurities that may be harmful to human health. Therefore, we have to remove components such as leaves, branches, sand, algae, viruses, bacteria and chemicals from it.

We process and produce high quality water that meets the standards of our provincial and federal ministries of the Environment. Our water plant and an external laboratory continuously test our supply and distribution system to detect and prevent harmful elements.

Production Capacity

The water treatment plant produces an average of 1,200 cubic metres of potable water each day, for a population of 3,600 people. During peak periods, the water production may almost double. The average consumption of Casselman residents is 352 litres per day, per person. Our treatment plant has the capacity to serve up to 4,500 people and meet the needs of the projected growth until 2021.

Filtration and Water Treatment

Chemicals are used in the water treatment process. However, we use only the minimum required to produce safe drinking water.

  • Chlorine is used to control bacteria, algae and viruses present in the water. Before water is pumped to your home, chlorine is added to disinfect it and maintain an adequate residual level.
  • Aluminum sulfate (alum) is used to remove harmful microorganisms and particles by making them clump together into larger particles so they can be filtered out of the water supply.
  • Potassium permanganate is used to deal with minerals in water of the South Nation River.

The taste and odour of the water may change during the spring and summer due to the presence of naturally occurring algae and higher water temperatures in the South Nation River. However, the quality of the treated water remains the same and is demonstrated by quality control testing. We are continuously working at reducing or eliminating these seasonal inconveniences.

Water Main Flushing

Flushing through hydrants is a routine maintenance of our water distribution system carried out to remove impurities, sediments and clogging from water mains. We also flush systems in new residential development before they are put into service.

The municipality of Casselman notifies residents before proceeding with cleaning and maintenance work on the water distribution system. Although it may cause a few inconveniences, this maintenance program is required to keep our system in good order and provide you with the highest quality drinking water.

The change in water pressure and velocity occurring during the cleaning process may disturb sediment deposits in the mains. Your tap water may turn to a reddish or brownish colour.

  • During flushing, we ask you to reduce your water consumption and avoid using hot water to minimize the amount of sediments entering your system and hot water tank.
  • After flushing of the distribution system, let cold water run for a few minutes before using it.

In case of emergency, the municipality of Casselman may flush the system without notice.

Household Water Treatment Systems

Household water treatment systems and bottled water have different standards and regulations than those imposed on municipal drinking water systems. Most household systems are designed to treat water that is already safe to drink.

There are many types of household systems and for different purposes. For example, some devices are designed to remove residual chlorine, while others are used to soften water or remove odours.

Inadequate use or maintenance of a household system may provide breeding grounds for bacteria or lead to the release of toxic chemicals in your water.

Before buying a household water treatment system, determine what your needs are and check for devices that are NSF certified. For more information on the selection of a water treatment system, visit The Public Health and Safety Organization

Public Safety and Hydrants

For safety reasons, fire hydrants must be accessible at all times.

  • The Municipality of Casselman is responsible for snow removal around hydrants.
  • When removing snow from your driveway, please ensure that you are not blocking access to fire hydrants.