Dates and times of meetings

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, at 6:00 pm (see exceptions below - schedule can vary).

There is only one meeting in the months of February (2nd Tuesday of the month), August (4th Tuesday of the month) and December (1st Tuesday of the month. There is no meetings during the month of July. Also, there is no Council meetings during the week of the March break. 

2022 regular meetings schedule (Click Here)

If you wish to be informed of upcoming special meetings, please contact the clerk at [email protected]

Location of meetings 

J. R. Brisson Complex Community Hall
758 Brébeuf Street
Casselman, ON K0A 1M0 

*Because of the pandemic, meetings might be online or at another location. Please view the agenda front page on how to join the meetings*

Meeting documents

  • Documents related to Council meetings and committees are public.
  • Agendas are posted online 24 hours or prior before a meeting.
  • Documents discussed or presented during meetings are included in the agendas and minutes PDF files. Therefore, these files may include several hundreds pages. Consulting a document embedded in the agendas or minutes will be easier if you download the PDF file. Using a PDF reader, display the bookmarks tab to easily browse through the document by clicking on the item titles.
  • Documents are listed in chronological order in year-dated tabs.

Council Meetings

For information about Council procedurals or to request a delegation, please visit Council Information.