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Founded in 2016, Solutions B-CITI is a fast growing Canadian company that develops and commercializes a bilingual Smart Citizen Services Platform. 
Our goal is to bring citizens closer to their city by simplifying services access, by empowering participation & dialog. We want to take more informed decisions with the goal to build a better future for all citizens.
How does it work?
 For now, find hours of operations, a complaints and request module where you can add pictures, and alert notices and notifications to your phone or email.
First you have to register. Here's how:png

Over the next few months, in 2024, we will be adding modules, like direct payment for things like dog license, pool construction permit etc. You will be able to check your taxes online, fill-in forms, check out a community events calendar, and council meetings schedule. Get a seamless experience with our new website coming in March. It will be well worth your time to register.