The Municipality of Casselman has five public parks that provide residents of all age groups with ideal locations to play, relax or engage in sports activities. 

Please note that all public parks, except for Richelieu Park, are not maintained from November 1st to April 1st of every year.
Children using this playground should be supervised at all times.  Play Safe - Have Fun.

    Richelieu Park and Splash Pad Casselman 

    Located between Faucher and Alice streets 

    • Basketball net
    • Outdoor rink 
    • Picnic tables and benches in a gazebo 
    • Swings 
    • Toilets (open during Splash and rink hours)
    • Two play structures for kids

    Water jets - free!

    • Fun for kids of all ages 
    • Open from 10:30 am to 7 pm on summer days
    • Changing room available during opening hours

    Optimist Park 

    Located between Martin and Mercier streets 

    • Vast park - perfect location for large gatherings 
    • Basketball net 
    • Picnic tables and large shelter
    • Play structures for kids
    • Swings 

    Ottawa Hydro Park 

    At the corner of Laval and Joliette streets 

    • Basketball net 
    • Picnic tables
    • Play structures for older children and toddlers 
    • Swings 

    Park for the Elderly 

    At the corner of Laval and Lévesque streets 

    • Small park formerly known as Knights of Columbus Park 
    • Park benches with small gazebo 
    • Along the South Nation River Shore

    Nation Park and High Falls Park

    On Rivière Nation Nord Street 

    • The two parks are side by side on the shore of South Nation River and form a wonderful area for picnicking. 
    • Nation Park is a municipal property while High Falls Park is a conservation area managed by South Nation Conservation Authority.
    • Picnic tables and shelter 
    • Boat ramp 
    • Nice view of Coupal’s Dam ruins
    • Fishing on the river (permit required) 
    • BBQ 


    Pierre Thibault

    Email: [email protected] 

    Telephone: 613-764-3139, extension 221 or 613-762-0765