July 20, 2020 - Water Discolouration issues update
Posted on 07/20/2020

We would like to provide an update on the progress to date in finding a solution to the yellow water issues experienced by some of our residents in previous summers due to the increased levels of manganese in the water source, the South Nation River. Over this past year, we have consulted with various experts and have decided on a solution to help mitigate these issues. As the facility was not originally built to handle the removal of high levels of naturally occurring minerals like manganese, this will require upgrades to the Casselman water treatment plant.

This technology is costly, and in order to avoid a tax rate increase for our residents, we have applied for government funding. We are currently searching for funding opportunities.

We cannot begin the implementation of the solution until we acquire the funding. This unfortunately means that, depending on weather conditions and water levels in the South Nation River this summer, we will potentially experience yellow water in our system due to manganese in the water source.

We will continue to work with our service provider, OCWA, to help mitigate these issues as much as possible. OCWA will conduct preventative maintenance, repair and flushing of the lines as needed.

Upon further research, we have decided to return to a chemical used in the past in order to remove manganese from the water source. Some minor upgrades at the facility are also currently underway to improve the process and reduce issues this summer.

We would like to remind everyone that the drinking water produced at the Casselman Water Treatment Facility is in full compliance with provincial drinking water regulations and is safe to drink.

We do understand your frustration, as the water discolouration is unpleasant aesthetically. We ask that you be patient with us while we work through this complex issue. We will continue to provide updates via the Municipality’s website throughout this process: www.casselman.ca

This is a message from the Municipality of Casselman and the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact OCWA’s Senior Operations Manager, Maurice Benoit, at 613-764-9383.